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Immigrant Worker Harassment

Immigrant Workers Have Rights

Our Los Angeles Employment Attorneys Handle Harassment Claims For Immigrant Worker Rights

Immigrants are often victims of harassment in the workplace. Our employment law attorneys have worked on claims where supervisors, employers and coworkers were at fault for the harassment of immigrants in California. In addition to harassment, employers that hire unauthorized or illegal immigrants may also be at fault for a number of employment law violations. These may include providing poor work environments, wage theft, not paying federal or California minimum wage and not following overtime laws for undocumented workers.

Our Los Angeles employment lawyers believe that no worker should be subject to harassment, regardless of his or her immigration status. Kesluk, Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison, P.C. has worked diligently to ensure all victims of illegal immigrant harassment have the opportunity to seek justice and safe work environments. Los Angeles harassment attorney Michael Jacob also speaks Spanish, which allows him to provide legal aid to many members of the Spanish-speaking community.

Unauthorized Workers Can Protect Themselves from Illegal Immigrant Harassment

The U.S. has laws in place to protect all workers in the country, even unauthorized immigrants. According to the California Labor Code section 1171.5, all protections, rights and remedies available under state law are available to everyone, regardless of immigration status. An individual’s immigration status does not matter to his or her right to file discrimination or harassment cases.

Immigrants have the same right to file harassment claims if they are experiencing harassment in the workplace as U.S. citizens. Unauthorized immigrants are also entitled to the same California workplace rights as U.S. citizens under harassment laws.

Illegal Immigrant Harassment Lawyer Representing Workers No Matter Their Legal Status

Many unauthorized immigrants believe they do not have any rights in the U.S. Employers often abuse their rights by threatening to use their immigration statuses against them. Employees should be able to work without the fear of harassment or retaliation in the workplace.

Our Los Angeles employment attorneys have worked with victims of harassment throughout California for many years. We work hard to uphold immigrant worker rights. We want to make sure employment laws provide the same protections to undocumented immigrants. Please contact our employment law firm today by phone at . You can then speak with a harassment lawyer who works for immigrant worker rights.

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