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Employment laws can be confusing, which is why our employment law attorneys provide the following resources that can help answer many of the most common employment questions we receive.

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  • Arbitration of Employment Disputes – Can an employer make an employee agree to arbitration as a part of the employment terms? What is arbitration? Learn about arbitration agreement requirements on our employment arbitration resource page.
  • Breach of Contract Laws in California – What is the definition of a contract? When can the terms of an employment contract be enforced? What factors can void a contract? Read our overview of breach of contracts, contract defenses and more.
  • California Fair Employment and Housing Act – What does the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) do? How can the DFEH help if I have been discriminated against on the job? Our employment law attorneys provide a quick overview of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act and what it means for employers.
  • California Family Rights Act – Can I take medical leave under the California Family Rights Act (CFRA)? What is the definition of a serious medical condition that makes me eligible for CFRA leave? Am I paid while on medical leave under CFRA? We cover everything you need to know about this labor law on our CFRA resource page.
  • Employment Discrimination FAQ – Have a question about California discrimination laws or your workplace rights? Our Los Angeles discrimination lawyers answer commonly asked questions about the laws that protect employees from discrimination in the workplace, how to file a discrimination complaint and more.
  • Employment Discrimination Links – What is the government agency that investigates employment discrimination? Who should I call if I experience a hate crime on the job? A Los Angeles employment lawyer near you lists important employment organizations and their contact information. You can also call our law firm for free legal guidance on filing a workplace discrimination or harassment complaint. We also provide this resource about worker rights under labor laws.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – What does the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) do? What happens when I file a complaint with the EEOC for an equal pay or Title 7 violation? Our discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles explain what discrimination on the job claims the EEOC will investigate and what types of employers are governed by the EEOC.
  • Employment Law Myths – Do I have to give two weeks’ notice to my employer? Does my employer have to provide paid maternity leave? Our Los Angeles employment law attorneys busts common myths about employee rights and when employers may be in the wrong.
  • Glass Ceiling – What does glass ceiling mean when talking about discrimination? Does the glass ceiling for women in the workplace still exist in California? Our Los Angeles discrimination attorneys explain glass ceiling and what a woman experiencing the barriers of a glass ceiling on the job may be able to do about gender discrimination.
  • How to Prove Discrimination – How does an employee discriminated against in the workplace prove discrimination? What should I do if I have been wrongfully terminated because of discrimination? Our experienced discrimination lawyers provide this resource in gathering evidence to prove workplace discrimination or a wrongful termination in California.
  • Implied and Oral Contracts – What is the difference between an implied agreement and an oral contract in California? Can an oral agreement be enforced? Our Los Angeles business law attorneys on what makes a contract in California legally binding or void.
  • Lawsuits with Union Arbitration – Are you a labor union member or union representative involved in a wage claim? Want to know whether a unpaid wages lawsuit is still possible after an arbitration? Our union lawyers explain the rules of union arbitration and what may allow union members to pursue identical wage dispute claims in court after arbitration.
  • What Constitutes Sexual Harassment? – Do acts of sexual harassment on the job have to be physical to be illegal? Our Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys define common types of sexual harassment in the workplace and provide examples of harassment that may entitle you to seek damages.
  • What is a Hostile Workplace Environment? – What makes a workplace hostile? What can I do if I am uncomfortable or scared to go to work because of possible harassment? Read our guide on how to prove a hostile work environment in California.
  • What is Job Discrimination? – Is it job discrimination if an employer fires a worker due to not liking the employee? How do I file an employment discrimination complaint? Learn more about what actions may be considered job discrimination on our overview page.

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