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Unfortunately, a hostile work environment is one of the most widespread problems in California. Sexual harassment is one of the most difficult situations for employees and employers to handle. Some employers may brush off sexual harassment as a joke or strange behavior. As a result, employees may have to deal with unfair and degrading interactions every day. The effects of workplace sexual harassment can be life-altering, especially if your employer refuses to listen to you. If you are struggling with harassment at work, then you should not let your claim go unheard. Our lawyers can investigate the details of the situation and help you build a strong case. Our team can help you determine how to move forward if you are dealing with a hostile work environment. The lawyers at Kesluk, Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison, P.C. can assist you in taking a stand against workplace harassment. We believe you have a right to work in a safe and fair environment. Our team of professionals can gather evidence, call witnesses, and scrutinize arguments against your claim. An employer can be legally accountable for sexual harassment, whether or not they knew it was happening.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

In a perfect world, employers, bosses, and peers would treat each other as equals. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is still commonplace, despite awareness campaigns and movements promoting equality. However, there are laws and protections designed to help you in this situation. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines sexual harassment “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.” Sexual harassment in the workplace does not only apply to women. Sexual harassment laws protect people of all genders. 

There are two types of sexual harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when an employer conditions employment on unwelcome sexual advances. For example, an employer may refuse to grant a worker a promotion unless they perform sexual favors. This is a very common example of quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Another type of sexual harassment is known as creating a hostile work environment. It is just as illegal as quid pro quo sexual harassment. A “hostile working environment” could include exposure to unwanted sexual advances, physical contact, and sexual remarks. In addition, this can involve sexual photographs or other types of intimidating, hostile, or offensive work situations. To prove you are working in a hostile environment, you must establish a pattern of sexual harassment. Still, even if you experience an isolated incident of sexual harassment, you may have a claim. Usually, this will depend on how severe your incident was. A lawyer can help uncover evidence that demonstrates the severity of the situation.

How Do I File a Sexual Harassment Claim in California?

Ultimately, sexual harassment does not exclusively involve sex — it usually involves a difference in power as well. Since this is the case, you may be reluctant to speak out against the responsible party. However, it is in your best interests — economically, legally, and ethically — to protect your rights. Furthermore, the discrimination against you can cause life-altering emotional problems. The best way to protect your interests is to identify and document sexual harassment with the help of a qualified attorney. Notes, emails, letters, phone calls, and other forms of contact can all be used as evidence in your case. 

Dealing With Sexual Harassment at Work? Call Our Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Do you believe your manager, boss, peer, or employer is acting inappropriately? Have you been discriminated against at work after denying unwanted advances from a coworker? Do you have questions about your rights or how to bring a successful claim? 

You can legally protect yourself and set standards for the future. You have rights as an employee to work free of this offensive behavior.

If you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, contact our Los Angeles County sexual harassment law firm. Our team believes you deserve to work in an environment free of barriers and bad behavior. As a rule, employers and supervisors are legally obligated to have company policies that prevent sexual harassment. We can work to build a case that proves a party was acting inappropriately. 

Contact our firm online or call our Los Angeles County sexual harassment attorneys at (310) 997-4431 to schedule a free consultation.

When Is Sexual Harassment a Crime?

Is sexual harassment a crime? How is sexual harassment defined? These are important questions, because identifying sexual harassment is paramount to preventing it. Sexual harassment does not only refer to requests for inappropriate sexual favors. There are other activities that the Equal Opportunity Commission has defined. These standards can be used as a guide for what behavior is inappropriate. 

Some of the most common behaviors that can constitute a sexual harassment claim include:

  • Inappropriate jokes: Verbal harassment is a criminal offense in California. An employee creates a hostile work environment when they make racial slurs, sexist jokes, or other derogatory comments.
  • Physical interaction: Any touching, assault, or unwanted physical interference is unlawful.
  • Unwanted advances: Your boss or coworker may approach you for sexual favors. Unwanted sexual advances are a serious offense. In some cases, an employer may offer benefits to coerce you to accept their advances.
  • Displaying harassing content: Sexual cartoon strips, drawings, posters, and other content is inappropriate in the workplace. As a rule, offensive visual harassment can contribute to a hostile work environment.

Should I File a California Sexual Harassment Report?

A report of misconduct can help you establish evidence in your claim. The first thing to do about sexual harassment in the workplace is to ask the harasser to stop. Afterward, write a sexual harassment report complaint to your employer. Finally, contact an attorney. If the workplace harassment continues after informing your employer, then make it known. Inform every relevant person in your workplace. Supervisors, HR departments, and anyone in a position of authority in your company should be notified. If it is your supervisor that is doing the harassing, go to their supervisor.

Collecting documentation of the sexual harassment and your harassment complaints is a key component of strengthening your claim. Ultimately, the more documentation you have of the sexual harassment, the more likely you will have a successful harassment claim. Begin collecting evidence of sexual harassment through your own notes. Include any relevant emails, letters, and photocopies of offensive material. In addition, locate other witnesses and get their information. An attorney can use these witnesses in your claim. However, if there is no hard evidence, attempt to document as many details as you can about the situation. For example, make note of times, dates, frequency, locations, who may have witnessed the sexual harassment, and how your company responds.

Hostile Work Environment? Call Our Lawyers Now

Have you been sexually harassed at work and fear retaliation? Do you have questions about your rights or how to build a claim that can result in change? Should your complaints fail to produce results, you may only have legal recourse left. Without a professional, you could face unethical actions from your employer. Furthermore, it may become difficult to find future employment. No one should have limits to their freedom because of the criminal actions of another. 

Kesluk, Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison, P.C. can help you make the appropriate steps in your claim. Our firm can connect you with help you need. Our lawyers will use every resource to establish your side of the story. You may have grounds for a lawsuit if you are disciplined or treated unfairly because of your complaints. 

Contact our Los Angeles County sexual harassment lawyers at (310) 997-4431 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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