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California is an at-will state. In our state, an employer can terminate your position without giving you notice or a reason under most circumstances. However, there are situations where it would be against the law to terminate an employee. State and federal employment laws protect employees from harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

In addition, some employees may have signed employment contracts that stipulate how long a certain job is supposed to last. Terminating a job in violation of a contract could also be against the law. When an employer terminates an employee in violation of the law, it is called wrongful termination.

Our Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers at Kesluk, Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison have experience handling cases involving discrimination, harassment, whistleblowing and retaliation. We also offer free consultations. You can contact us at no cost if you have questions about state or federal employment laws.

What Do I Do If I Was Wrongfully Terminated?

What Is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination occurs when an employer terminates an employee in violation of state or federal employment laws. For example, if your former employer fired you for being a pregnant woman, then it would be in violation of the law. It would be wrongful termination.

If you were to report your employer for engaging in illegal activities, and that employer fired you as a result, it would be in violation of whistleblower laws. Whistleblower retaliation is another common cause of wrongful termination.

California is an at-will state. However, your employer cannot terminate your employment for reasons that are in violation of the law. You may be able to seek legal action against your former employer for wrongful termination.

What Are Examples of Wrongful Termination?

There are many different scenarios that may qualify as wrongful termination. Common examples of wrongful termination include firing an employee for:

Is My Employer Guilty of Wrongful Termination?

Whether an employer is guilty of wrongful termination depends on the circumstances. There are multiple state and federal laws that may come into play in a wrongful termination case. Workplace protection laws include:

You can speak with one of our Los Angeles employment lawyers to learn more about whether the laws above apply to your situation. We offer free initial consultations.

In addition to violating the laws above, an employer may also be guilty of wrongful termination for violating an employment contract. Our attorneys can also discuss potential contract violations during a consultation.

Can I Sue for Wrongful Termination?

Whether you can file a claim or lawsuit for wrongful termination depends on the circumstances. You should speak with an attorney before starting the claims process. Many cases of wrongful termination involve retaliation or discrimination. There are certain procedural steps you would need to take to file a claim against a private, state or federal employer.

In California, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) handle discrimination claims.

Filing a wrongful termination lawsuit, if it is an option in your situation, could help you recover compensation for your damages. Compensation may cover:

  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Damages for emotional distress caused by job termination or loss of reputation

An employment law attorney can help you determine whether it is advisable to file a lawsuit against your former employer.

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