How Do I Report Sexual Harassment at Work?

Even one incident involving sexual harassment on the job is one too many. However, in some cases, employees are sexually harassed for months or even years before the truth comes to light. This can happen because people are reluctant or do not know how to report sexual harassment at work. They may be afraid no one will believe them, fear they will lose their job or simply think the process is more complicated than it actually is.

How to Report Sexual Harassment at Work

Forbes recently published an article on what people should do if they are the victim of sexual harassment at work. Here are a few of those tips:

  • Document every incident of sexual harassment. This includes any offers of jobs or promotions in exchange for sex or any threats you will be fired or demoted if you do not give in to your harasser. Make sure to include dates, times, locations and any witnesses when you document the incidents.
  • Keep copies of any texts or emails that your harassers sends to you.
  • Report the harassment to your employer. Follow your company’s sexual harassment policy when you report the incident. Report the harassment in writing to make sure there’s a paper trail.
  • File a complaint regarding the harassment with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
  • Talk to an experienced employment attorney about your situation. A lawyer can analyze your situation, tell you if you have a case, answer your questions and explain what options are available to you.

In the following video, Los Angeles employment lawyer Brian Kesluk talks about whether you can keep your job after you report sexual harassment at work.

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