Three Signs You Are the Victim of Age Discrimination

IBM is one of the largest tech companies in the country. However, former employees are accusing the company of using ageism as a strategy to keep the tech giant on top. A new wave of millennial hires is being utilized to give the company a fresh face. But older employees are being laid off as a consequence, though the law forbids this practice. Could this happen where you work? Here are some things to watch out for if you suspect your employer is discriminating based on age.

What Are the Signs of Age Discrimination?

Older Workers Are Disappearing – Have you noticed lots of older workers being released from their positions? Are all the new hires really young? IBM would release roles to its employees listing the names of everyone who was laid off and everyone who was hired. This practice ended in 2014, and some believe it was to hide the company’s ageist practices. A report from ProPublica and Mother Jones has revealed that over 20,000 IBM employees over the age of 40 have been let go since 2013. Activity like this can be a red flag that age discrimination is happening at a company.

Career Advancement Stops – Have you noticed that you have been getting fewer raises? Are your younger coworkers getting salary increases and bonus for the same level of performance that you deliver? Have you recently been assigned to complete unpleasant tasks? These are strategies companies often use to tempt an employee to quit instead of firing them and incurring a lawsuit.

Worsening Conditions – Is your boss making age-related jokes or asking you about retirement? Are your performance reviews worsening even though you are performing at the same level? These are other signs that age discrimination could be happening to you. Keeping track of these incidents and the sudden change in your performance reviews is often the only way to combat this issue.

If you are laid off or fired, and you believe you observed these signs before you were let go, you need to contact an attorney. An experienced employment lawyer will be familiar with the prevailing state and federal laws that provide you with protection and relief. To learn more, call Kesluk, Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison, P.C. at (310) 997-4431 and setup a free consultation.

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