Does Travel Time Count for Wage and Hour Law?

One question that we frequently receive is whether travel time counts as compensable time for purposes of wage and hour law and it really depends what kind of travel it is. All of us drive to work in the morning and we drive home in the afternoon, that is not compensable time. However, if you have to drive for work, that is compensable time, so for example if you get to work and then have to go to a meeting, the time that you’re driving is compensable. If you have to go to multiple different work sites during the day, that is compensable time it’s just the two going and coming that is not compensable, but there is one exception. If an employee is required to show up at a worksite and then drive with other employees or drive a company vehicle from that point on, the minute they arrive at the work site that is compensable time even if they then get in a company vehicle to drive to where they’re going to work from. This is very common in the construction industry.
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