How Do You Identify Racial Discrimination in the Workplace?

Racial discrimination is another form of discrimination. It’s, simply put, discrimination based on someone’s race and what we’ve seen in race discrimination as compared to years past is that it’s taken a more subtle turn than it did, say, in the 1960s where someone would have something more severe, like a burning cross or a noose hanging at their desk. Now, we look for subtle cues and our firm is expert in finding this circumstantial evidence that indicates that someone may have been denied a promotion opportunity, a job or fired because of the color of their skin and not because of the content of their character. We look for a variety of evidence in any type of discrimination case, anything that would show that the employer acted differently than its normal policies, that it made a rush to the decision, that it treated the employee differently than it treated other employees in a non-protected category. For example, if there was harsher punishment for the same offense that numerous different employees engaged in, but the employee that happens to be African-American or Latino or pregnant was fired as a result of it, but other employees were not, that type of evidence is essential in ferreting out this type of discrimination.
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