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What If I Was Asked to Leave My Job Because of My Disability?

Posted on May 15, 2017 Author:

A former employee working on the board for BET, Black Entertainment Television, is pressing charges saying she was pressured to leave her job for having a disability. She was on medical leave after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She planned on coming back, only to receive notices that allegedly said she “could no longer represent BET because of her disability”. In addition to this, she is filing workplace discrimination claims claiming women are misrepresented within the company. Employers need to treat people with disabilities the same as anyone else, and cannot discriminate.

Is the Employer Working With You Following the Injury?

Reasonable accommodation is a term used to describe alterations that can be made to the job-related duties required by the disabled employee. If you become disabled while working, you can ask to work from home, or for other ways to make the job easier on you. The employer is required to provide accommodations to disabled employees, and a disability discrimination case could be made against them if they are too unhelpful with meeting the disabled employee’s needs. The employer also needs to abide by the Family Medical Leave Act which gives employees unpaid time off to deal with illness and injuries.

If you are asked to leave your company after becoming disabled, are offered less opportunities, or feel like you aren’t getting the proper accommodations for your injuries, contacting a Los Angeles workplace discrimination attorney can be what you need to get your voice heard.