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Could a New Law Stop Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley?

Posted on August 30, 2017 Author:

As more and more news regarding discrimination and sexual harassment in Silicon Valley surfaces, it has become clear that the problem is widespread and complex. Recently, a California lawmaker put her foot down and said enough is enough. Earlier this month, State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson announced plans to introduce a proposed law prohibiting sexual harassment between entrepreneurs and investors.

How Would This Proposed Law Help Stop Sexual Harassment?

Under the law that Senator Jackson introduced, a current California Law, Unruh Civil Right Act, would be amended to forbid sexual harassment between investors and entrepreneurs. While the current law is believed to bar harassment and discrimination based on multiple categories, like sex, ethnicity and gender, the Unruh Civil Rights Act includes certain business relationships as being protected from sexual harassment.

Senator Jackson wants to add that relationship between startup founders and investors to the list of those that specifically prohibit sexual harassment. She thinks making the law clearer regarding sexual harassment between entrepreneurs and investors will help provide clarity to victims and give them the confidence to step forward and hold their harassers accountable.

As Los Angeles employment attorney Brian Kesluk explains in the video below, it is possible to file a sexual harassment lawsuit and keep your job.