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How Do I Win My Employment Law Case in Los Angeles?

Posted on April 11, 2017 Author:

What does it take to have a successful employment law case in Los Angeles? To prove a case for discrimination, harassment or other unlawful practice, there must be sufficient evidence to support the claim. Part of an attorney’s job is to gather this evidence through the legal process. In this video, employment attorney Brian Kesluk explains how evidence can be gathered in a legal proceeding, and he discusses some of the differences lawyers need to keep in mind when deciding whether to file a case in federal or state court.

Video Transcription:

In labor and employment law, most of our claims are witness driven, fact driven, document driven. So the process is really about cross-examining, deposing, percipient witnesses, getting documents that might support them, support their statements or impeach their statement. And basically we end up going to court, in state court, you have to convince 9 out of 12 jurors that the righteousness of your claim. In federal court you have unanimous verdicts, you often get the benefit of jurors forced to reach a consensus, while in state court, when you have that ability where you need 9 out of 12, you’ll have a group of naysayers who try to form and bring people over, so in my opinion, you often get the more mistrials at the state court level than at the federal court level. So, although many attorneys, and federal court is a little more difficult, you do need an experienced attorney, but Kesluk, Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison, P.C., we have a lot of experience in federal court and in class action which is also in federal court. All initial contacts are free, we have free consultations with any contact. Our number is (310) 273-3180 or you can contact us through our website at Feel free to call.