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Can an Attorney Help with Workplace Harassment?

Posted on September 3, 2017 Author:

A hostile work environment is a space in which an employee feels harassed due to the conditions at his or her job. This may involve inappropriate behavior, including sexual harassment, both physical and verbal. When these conditions create a burden on an employee and affect his or her work, then this may constitute a hostile work environment. In this video, attorney Douglas Silverstein explains how you can get help with workplace harassment caused by a hostile work environment.

Video Transcription

Another type of harassment is known as hostile work environment. This involves maybe water-cooler chitchat. Someone whistling at you. Dirty pictures laying around. Off color cartoons being forwarded to you via email. Physical touching that’s unwanted. It could be a variety of things. That’s where this harassment becomes so pervasive, or severe in the workplace that it actually changes the terms and conditions of employment. That the employee then has to put up with it to go to their job. The law does not allow for that. An attorney can do a great many things for someone that is being harassed in the workplace. First and foremost an attorney can help make the conduct stop. Can appropriately bring it to the attention of management so that they put an end to it. The other thing an attorney can assist with, if it’s necessary to file a lawsuit. Or even before filing a lawsuit. Potentially resolve the claims to the employee’s benefit. They may be entitled to money damages as a result of the conduct that they’ve suffered. For more information or to speak with an attorney, call (310) 273-3180.