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Protections for Women in the Workplace

Posted on January 10, 2020 Author:

Women are often the victims of discrimination in the workplace. California employment lawyer Lauren Morrison discusses what kinds of protections exist for women in the workplace. For more information, call (310) 273-3180.

Video Transcription:

So there are certain protections that you have as a pregnant employee that it depends on the size of your employer the types of protections that you have and whether or not you have any type of pregnancy-related disabilities. You are considered and recognized as being disabled as a pregnant person under the law for in certain situations and the employer is required to make accommodations for those types of issues that you suffer when you are pregnant and that can be leaves there the laws in California relating to how much leave you get are a bit complex and I would absolutely encourage you if you are pregnant and you are trying to navigate what types how much leave you get depending on your situation that you contact Catholic Silverstein and Jacob because even employers don’t quite get it right in terms of calculating how much time you actually get and for the most part you you are entitled to more protections and more leave than you think feel free to give us a call anytime for a free consultation (310) 273-3180 or you can also go to our website at