Why Do You Enjoy Working as an Employment Lawyer?

The field of employment law can be a fulfilling one. In this video, California employment attorney Brian Kesluk explains why he enjoys his job as an employment lawyer. For more information, call (310) 273-3180.

Video Transcription:

Employment law always interested me because it’s a great fight to fight and the employee has an uphill battle to fight against the interests of the employer. The employer has control, generally, monetary control, they have a lot more assets than any of their employees do. They also have access to all the documents, they have access to all the witnesses. If you’re an employee who was, who witnessed sexual harassment in the workplace, but you need to keep your job and you need to feed your kids and you need to pay your mortgage, then you’re not gonna run out so quickly and stand by the interests of employee who’s been sexually harassed. So I think the employee needs somebody who’s gonna fight that fight and I like a good fight. We pride ourselves on a couple things. One is we really focus on teamwork, no one is more important. I’m the managing partner but I am equally as important as my receptionist. We all work as a team to further our clients interests. All initial contacts are free, we have free consultations with any contact. Our number is (310) 273-3180 or you can contact us through our website at CaliforniaLaborLawAttorney.com, feel free to call.

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