Equal Pay Day Was on April 4th, Here’s What You Should Know

This year, National Equal Pay Day fell on April 4th. This date marks how long after the beginning of the year it took for women in this country to earn the same amount of money as men did the previous year. It took over four months to equate. Last year, the pay gap decreased, as Asian American women’s wages increased from 91.9 to 94.6 percent of male wages, African American women’s wages increased from 66.6 to 70.6 percent, and Hispanic women’s wages rose from 60.1 to 60.7 percent from the previous year. Women are still having to work harder than men to receive the same pay. Keep reading below to learn more about wage discrimination, and make sure your workplace is following the law.

Key Factors for Determining Wage Discrimination

  1. Which workers are most affected? wage discrimination is the most concentrated at the bottom of the corporate ladder with low wage, entry-level workers. Research pay in your field and contact an attorney to make sure you are getting paid adequately for your position.
  2. How does race affect pay amongst women? Race does greatly affect pay in this country. White and Asian women have the most parity when comparing wages to men of the same race. However, Hispanic and African American women make less than both White and Asian women, and their male counterparts.
  3. Can choosing a different job ensure equal pay? Women are often shunned away from certain fields such as science and engineering due to male dominance. They may be pushed into certain careers that they didn’t want to be in that pay too low and demand harsh hours. Women who have the same qualifications as males in the same position are still paid significantly less. Don’t let gender discrimination keep you from chasing the career you deserve.

People in jobs of all races and genders experience unfair pay and discriminatory practices daily. Progress is being made, but you need to know if your employer is paying you the correct wages in accordance with wage and discrimination laws. Contact Los Angeles employment lawyers at Kesluk, Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison, P.C. to find out if you are being paid adequately for your hard work.

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