What Benefits Does California Workers’ Comp Provide?

No one goes to work in the morning intending to injure themselves. Unfortunately, some workplaces are just more dangerous than others — and injuries happen whether we plan them or not. On the plus side, California workers’ comp benefits exist to make these injuries as financially manageable as possible.

There are several types of benefits available to injured workers, including:

Medical Care

As long as the employee in question has been treated by a doctor within the employer’s selected network, compensation can be provided for the medical treatment of a work-related injury. This compensation is based entirely on medical treatment guidelines, as well as the frequency and duration of care.

Also included in the medical care portion of benefits is mileage reimbursement, which includes travel to and from all medical appointments — including trips to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy.

Temporary Disability

Once the insurance company has agreed that an employee’s injury is, in fact, work-related, temporary disability benefits will be available to help cover lost wages. This benefit will replace what the employee would have earned if the injury had not occurred. 

In order to receive this benefit, a doctor must state that the employee cannot work or must work in a limited capacity because of the injury. That doctor must be seen every forty-five days to make ongoing recommendations about the employee’s ability to return to work full-time.

Permanent Disability

If an employee is injured so drastically that they are unable to return to work, permanent disability benefits are supplied for the loss of future earning capacity. The disability will be ranked on a percentage scale. If that number is any less than 100%, the employee will be considered partially disabled and will receive weekly payments for a period of time.

If the employee is completely disabled, they will be entitled to weekly payments for the rest of their life. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help explain the specifics of the permanent disability benefit and how it may impact you.

Job Displacement Benefits

Injured workers that are not able to return to the same company are eligible for a supplemental job displacement voucher. If the employer wants to avoid providing that voucher, the employee must be offered alternate work within a reasonable commuting distance that lasts at least a year and offers at least 85% as much payment as the previous job.

Otherwise, the voucher — worth $6,000 — can be used for examination, placement, resume, and licensing services. It can also be used to purchase computer equipment or tools for a specific training program. These resources can help injured employees find and obtain a new job.

Contact a California Workers’ Comp Attorney for Representation

Have you suffered an injury in the workplace? The time has come to explore the potential benefits you could receive from California workers’ comp. For assistance and representation, contact an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer at Kesluk, Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison, P.C. by calling (310) 997-4431.


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