Is Racial Workplace Discrimination Getting Worse?

If you have read or watched the news at all in the past few years, it seems that overall racism and racial discrimination has been getting worse in our country. Recently, it appears that men and women of all different kinds of racial minorities have been more intensely targeted through racial bigotry, and this hatred seems to have caused more and more police shootings, suicides, and general severe injuries and fatalities. However, the question has been raised, is this racial discrimination actually getting worse, or has this always been a huge problem in America? Workplace discrimination, specifically, seems to be on a rise, and there has been an implication in a rise of racial injustice in certain workplaces and business communities.

How Has Racial Discrimination Been Identified?

One of the most difficult aspects of racial discrimination in the workplace is the fact that it can be hard to point out, detect, and take action on. Employers and other employees with positions of power purposely execute the discrimination in very subtle and hidden ways. Many prospective employees will suffer racial discrimination in the very beginning of the hiring process; they either won’t be hired immediately off the bat with no reasonable explanation, or they will be hounded with inappropriate questions relating to their race or ethnicity. Another reason why racial discrimination is largely apparent but also hard to identify is because employers might racially discriminate unintentionally; they might single out or isolate an individual during work practices or tests inadvertently, but these actions can still leave these individuals feeling victimized.

Have Racial Discrimination Claims Actually Increased?

This, of course, is not an easy question to answer. Literally, yes, the number of workplace discrimination claims concerning race and ethnicity have been increasing significantly for the last decade, but this might be a result of different factors. The increase might actually be due to individuals having more willingness to report incidents; there’s definitely been more of an awareness of what counts as discrimination, so people feel they have more freedom to seek justice. Despite this good news, racial workplace discrimination is still occurring way more than it should in our day and age.

If you have ever been racially discriminated against in your workplace, you should also feel free to seek the justice you deserve. Contact our Los Angeles discrimination attorneys today so we can help you with your discrimination claim in court.

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