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Define Workplace Discrimination

An Explanation From Our Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Modern labor law began in 1941 with the Fair Employment Act. This executive order prohibited racial discrimination in employment. Since then, the labor and employment laws expanded to protect employees from wrongful termination and discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, national originage and disability.

Our discrimination lawyers in LA have handled hundreds of discrimination cases. Even with the widespread legal protection that employees have, there is still a high amount of discrimination in the workplace.

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Am I Being Discriminated Against at Work?

Discrimination laws govern how an employer or potential employer can interact with you. Discrimination can occur even if you are not yet an employee of the company. Being turned away from an interview or having your application declined because of reasons other than your qualifications might constitute unfair pre-employment treatment.

Discrimination can occur in a number of forms. It includes, but is not limited, to:

  • Biased recruiting, interviewing and hiring
  • Unfair or unequal benefits during employment
  • Unfair transfers, promotions and firings
  • Harassment
  • Threats
  • Withholding of pay, benefits and opportunities

What Are the Signs of Discrimination at Work?

What are the Workplace Retaliation Laws for Discrimination?

Laws also protect employees from discrimination based on their participation in certain activities. An employer cannot fire you or refuse promotion if you:

  • Complain about discrimination
  • Threaten to file a discrimination complaint
  • Protest or picket against a discriminatory act done by the employer
  • Take part in or cooperate with an investigation by the EEOC

If You Face Workplace Discrimination, Call Our Discrimination Lawyers in LA Now

Many people know immediately if discrimination took place, whether it is an employer giving a suspicious reason for firing somebody or attacking a legally protected class (race, gender, religion, etc.).

However, some discrimination is more subtle. We can help you determine if discrimination occurred, and if so, how best to resolve the situation. The first meeting with us is free. Thus, there is absolutely no risk in asking questions and exploring your options. Please contact Los Angeles employment discrimination attorneys today at (310) 273-3180.

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