Do I Need A Lawyer For Harassment Charges?

What You Need To Know About Filing Harassment Charges

Many California employees are hard-working and contribute to the growth and success of the organizations that employ them. This is just one reason why it is reasonable for workers to expect their work environments to be free of hostility and workplace harassment. Sexual harassment, as well as verbal and emotional abuse at work, is prohibited by strict laws that guarantee basic workers rights.

When these employment laws are broken, or even appear to have been violated, it may be time to seek help. At the California employment law firm of Kesluk, Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison, P.C., our staff of trained sexual harassment lawyers understand the delicacy of harassment charges in the workplace. We help employees file harassment complaints. Then, if the complaint fails to fix the issue, we aggressively seek damages in harassment lawsuits. Our Los Angeles harassment lawyer devotes any and all necessary resources to finding the best solution to the problems workers may be facing.

What Happens When You Contact an Attorney to File Charges for Harassment at Work?

When an employee who experienced harassment at work contacts us, a harassment lawyer will first help the employee understand what remedies the law may provide. We do this by considering all the facts of the harassment complaint during a free attorney consultation. If our harassment lawyers believe you may have a case, the firm will seek the recovery and justice you deserve.

Importance of Hiring Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Victims of emotional and verbal abuse at work may also find themselves working in hostile environments. For that reason, you should rely on a sexual harassment lawyer. He or she can help you handle inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Employees exposed to the aggressive behavior of a manager or coworker often feel very vulnerable. They may also find the emotional abuse in the workplace to be unbearable, or the verbal abuse to be especially threatening. Yet, workers experiencing this type of harassment are often afraid to bring legal action; they fear that filing harassment charges will cause them to lose their jobs and the income they depend on.

Employees do not have to put up with abusive behavior at their places of work. In fact, certain California and federal harassment laws protects them from retaliation in the workplace and employee termination for filing hostile workplace lawsuits. Read what our Los Angeles employment law attorneys consider the definition of hostile work environment.

Our harassment lawyers in Los Angeles will see that you receive respect for your employee rights. We want to stop harassment in your workplace.

Get Free Legal Advice about Workplace Harassment

If you need to find a sexual harassment lawyer to evaluate your case, please contact a Los Angeles harassment attorney today. We are ready to put our years of experience to work for you.